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Based in the heart of UAE, Emirates Airlines (EK) is one of the biggest airlines that offers luxurious flight amenities and excellent services. You can book Emirates flights to nearly 135 destinations, including domestic in the United Arab Emirates, as well as international flights to several countries. You can book a vacation from the Middle East and explore Asia, Europe, the States, and more. 

Find the details on Emirates Airlines in the sections below and book your next flight with them without compromising your budget and comfort.

Emirates Airlines Baggage Allowance

You can bring bags along on the Emirates Airlines plane as well as check them in their luggage compartment. Here are the details on the airline’s baggage allowances:

Carry-On Allowance

Emirates Airlines carry-on baggage allowance depends on your cabin class, route, and your Emirates Skywards membership status. 

Economy Baggage

You can bring a maximum 15 lb weight carry-on with a maximum allowed dimensions of 22*15*8 inches. 

Premium Economy Baggage

The bags in Emirates Premium Economy cabin class can not exceed the dimensions 21.6*14.9*8.6 inches and the weight limit is set to 22 Lbs.

Business & First Class Baggage

Emirates’ Business Class & First Class customers can take along a 15 lb briefcase/ garment bag and a 15 lb carry-on with them. Their respective dimensions are 18*14*8 inches and 22*15*8 inches.

Checked Baggage Allowance

To check your bags in the Emirates flight’s luggage hold, its total dimensions should not exceed 84.64 inches (linear). Remember, the weight of bags still depends on the route and class of travel.

Economy Class 

Special class customers can bring a 44 lbs checked bag, saver-55 lbs, flex, 66 lbs, and Flex plus a 77 lbs bag.

Business Class

Emirates Business class customers can bring a checked bag weighing no more than 88 lbs.

First Class

You can check a bag weighing a maximum of 110 lbs in Emirates Airlines first class.

Emirates Airlines Cabin Options

Like any other airline, Emirates also offers cabin options, which go lower to higher in terms of services and fares. Here are the details on each Emirates cabin and their services:


Cabin Options

Economy Class

If you like better services but do not want to spend too much, Emirates Economy cabins are the right choice for you. They have comfortable seats, good meals, and amazing entertainment options.

Premium Economy Class

If you want more comfort but with an in-your-budget fare, you can choose Premium Economy cabins for your next Emirates flight. These cabins offer higher flexibility than standard Economy.

Business Class

Feel like you're relaxing on your couch, as Emirates Airlines business class lets you stretch out in lie-flat seats and offers premium dining onboard. The onboard lounge on Emirates A380 is an added perk.

First Class
Emirates Airlines First Class cabins are the most exclusive as they give you your own private suite. So, you can have your personal space on the plane and enjoy it as you like till you reach your destination.

Emirates Airlines Check-in

Booking and checking in for flights is easy with Emirates. You get plenty of options from the airline to carry out the task and make sure that you will be flying as per the schedule. Here are the details:

Web Check-in

You can check-in for your Emirates flight booking online on the website 48 hours before your flight. With this, you can even choose a dietary meal and seat for the flights. So, for the airport, you just need to drop your bags and relax till it's time to board.

App Check-in

At the same time as online check-in, you can use the Emirates App on your Android or iPhone to check-in for your flight and get a boarding pass. You can also save your details in the app for next time to be even quicker.

Airport check-in

You can check-in at the airport with the help of a desk agent and get a boarding pass from an Emirates Airlines representative at the airport. You will tag your bags and collect the pass to get on your flight in no time.

Kiosk check-in

There are self-check-in and bag drop kiosks available at the airports in select locations where you can check-in for your Emirates flights. The same kiosks let you collect a boarding pass and get ready to board the flights.

Emirates Airlines In-flight Amenities

When you are aboard an Emirates Airlines plane, you can get amenities such as food, meals, free wifi, etc. to help you get through the long hours of sitting still. Here are the details:

Flight Amenities

Food Options

You can get diverse meal choices catering to various dietary requirements like vegetarian, halal, and special meals. The airline also serves complimentary snacks and beverages throughout the flight and gives an option to pre-order special meals for specific dietary needs.

Entertainment Options

You can choose from an extensive selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games on personal seat-back screens- which means unlimited entertainment throughout. The airline also offers access to Emirates' award-winning ICE (Information, Communication, Entertainment) system offering thousands of entertainment options.

In-flight Wi-Fi
Emirates also offers Wi-Fi on board for browsing the internet, sending emails, and staying connected (it may be available on select flights and at an additional cost). You can check the exact fee online before making Airline ticket bookings and pre-purchase it to streamline your work above and beyond.

Other Amenities

  • Comfortable seating with adjustable headrests and ample legroom.
  • In-seat power outlets for charging electronic devices.
  • Amenity kits, including essentials like socks, eyeshades, and toothbrushes (available on long-haul flights).
  • Onboard duty-free shopping for luxury goods and souvenirs.

Top Emirates Airlines Destinations


  • Dubai (Dubai International Airport)
  • Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi International Airport)
  • Sharjah (Sharjah International Airport)


  • London, United Kingdom (Heathrow Airport)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (Suvarnabhumi Airport)
  • Mumbai, India (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport)
  • New York City, USA (John F. Kennedy International Airport)
  • Paris, France (Charles de Gaulle Airport)
  • Istanbul, Turkey (Istanbul Airport)
  • Sydney, Australia (Sydney Airport)
  • Hong Kong (Hong Kong International Airport)
  • Singapore (Changi Airport)
  • Tokyo, Japan (Narita International Airport)

If you like all the services mentioned above, try booking an Emirates flight through lowfarescanner and get on with your journey plans for an unforgettable holiday.

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