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Allegiant Airlines (G4) is based in Summerlin, Nevada, a Las Vegas suburb. The airline operates scheduled and charter flights in and out of America and internationally. You can plan a vacation to one of the 100 destinations it flies to and get exciting deals along the way. Officially launched in 1997, the airline is still known for its world-class flight services and amazing facilities on a budget. Plan your vacations today and reach your destinations at ease.

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Allowance

You can carry bags and check them in the aircraft hold of Allegiant Air for a small fee, depending on the number of bags you bring and your fare option. Check the basic details below and plan your trips with Allegiant Airlines according to that:

Personal Item

Allegiant Airlines allows you to bring one personal item, like a purse, briefcase, laptop, etc., free of charge. This item’s maximum dimensions can not exceed 8*14*18 in. and should fit under the seat in front of you.

Carry On Bag

The airline will allow you to bring a small bag along with you for a fee of $10 to $75 USD, depending on your route and flight timings. The small bags’s dimensions can not exceed 10*16*22 in.

Checked Bags

You can check bags with a maximum of 80 inches linear dimensions and 50 lbs weight per bag on Allegiant Airlines. The airline allows up to 4 bags per customer with a varying cost. You can use the baggage fee calculator to find out the actual charge for checking your bags.

Note: Allegiant Airlines does not charge any Baggage fee for car seats, baby strollers, mobility aids, and assistive devices.

Allegiant Airlines Fare Cabin

As a budget carrier, Allegiant Airlines only has one cabin option, Economy, which comes with all the restrictions of an Economy basic fare. If you are booking your flights and want more facilities, you can purchase Trip Flex with your booking.

Economy Class

Allegiant Air only has Economy class cabins on its plane, with a simple and basic set of services that do not include inflight entertainment, Wi-Fi, etc. However, you can bring your personal electronic devices as long as they are under the allowed carry-on limits.

Allegiant Airlines Bundles

Although Allegiant only has one cabin class with limited services, you can still enjoy some better fares with its bundles. There are three bundles, basic, bonus, and total, with different allowances per person.

Basic Bundle

This bundle, as its name suggests, is the simplest and cheapest version of your booking. Allegiant offers one free personal item with this option and if you want more services, you can purchase them additionally.

Bonus Bundle

The Bonus Bundle helps you save up to 34% on your booking with an additional carry-on allowance, free seat selection, and trip flex. You can buy this for an extra payment than your initial basic booking to enjoy added services.

Total Bundle

This one is the best of all, it costs a bit more than the others but will save you an overall 38% on booking. This includes every service of the Bonus bundle and includes a checked bag, and priority access to make it a totally beneficial itinerary for you.

Allegiant Airlines Trip Flex

This option is available for a small fee and comes with two of the Allegiant Airlines bundles- Bonus and Total. With Trip Flex, you can change, cancel, or postpone your trips once without any charges.

Trip Flex Terms

  • You can change the date, flight, or destination of your trip at no cost.
  • The change of price of any service after your modification is your responsibility.
  • You can change any flight booking up to one hour before departure and a vacation package up to 72 hours before.
  • The itinerary remains nonrefundable unless otherwise specified.

Allegiant Airlines Inflight Food or Meals

You can purchase snacks or drinks on Allegiant Airlines flights if you want. The airline allows you to select from a variety of options and enjoy it comfortably on your flight seat.

Featured Snacks

You can enjoy some featured snacks from famous partner brands onboard an Alaska Airlines flight. These snacks include sweet and salty flavors of amazing treats that you can enjoy on purchase.

Fresh Cocktails

There are fresh cocktails that will help you get past your boring flight with a spring of fun drinks. You can purchase them onboard and enjoy your flights.

Refreshing Drinks

Allegiant Air offers special drinks, such as lemon water and sparkling water onboard. You can also choose soft drinks, coffee, and other famous beverages from renowned brands.

Special Combos

The airline offers special combos where you can choose a featured snack as well as a drink to go with it and some tasty dips to enjoy your snacks with.

Snack Boxes

There are snack packs that contain a variety of snacks; you can purchase them to enjoy your flights with a dash of salty and tangy twist.


Allegiant Air also offers a collection of liquor, including whiskey, vodka, beer,  and some premium options available on Las Vegas flights only.

Premium Mixers

Some premium mixers are also offered onboard to make cocktails fun and flavored. Overall, your flight may not include free inflight entertainment, but it will be a treat for your appetite.

Allegiant Airlines Check-in

You can check-in for your Allegiant Airline flight and confirm that you’ll board it in time. This option will also let you download and print/ obtain a boarding pass for your flight. Let’s get into the details:

Web Check-in

You can check-in for your flight tickets online on Allegiant Airlines website starting 24 hours before the departure time. The option closes 45 minutes before. You can do it directly on the airline website and complete check-in.

Airport Check-in

Go to the airport and check in with the help of an airline agent or use a self-service check-in kiosk. The airline will charge you an extra $5 per boarding pass for assistance printing it at the airport.

Mobile App Check-in

You can also download the Allegiant Airlines mobile app for free and download a paperless boarding pass on your mobile device after checking in.

Top Allegiant Airlines Destinations

  • Asheville
  • Austin
  • Baltimore
  • Belleville/St. Louis
  • Charleston
  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Knoxville
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Nashville
  • Vancouver
  • Quebec
  • Bellingham
  • Billings
  • Boise

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