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Relaxing on the Persian Gulf’s southeast coast, Dubai is the most famous United Arab Emirates city. Celebrated for ultramodern architecture, luxury shopping, and lively nightlife. Dubai attracts tourists from across the continents. That’s why people look forward to 

cheap flights to Dubai for an affordable trip.

A vacationer’s paradise, Dubai treats you to luxury, sunshine,  exuberant architecture, and a nomadic lifestyle, all in one place. So, grab flights to this city with big discounts, great deals, and exciting offers to reduce your travel expenses.

Go through the following account to learn more about flying cheaply to Dubai with other information nuggets.

Which is the Cheapest Month to Book Flights to Dubai?

The cheapest month for a Dubai trip is July. So, grab cheap flights to Dubai, make ticket booking affordably, and save on your trip this month. The city is bright and peaceful in July, allowing you to explore around minus the crowds.

Also, compare flight fares among different airlines, times, and departure airports to cut down on your travel expenses. For more details, you can explore cheap airline tickets from our website.

How Much in Advance Should I Purchase Dubai Flight Tickets?

Book your Dubai tickets almost six months in advance. This is because airlines usually release their lowest fares nearly six months before the flight’s departure.

So, to book cheap flights to Dubai make a ticket booking with deals, discounts, and offers online to save big. Keeping an eye on such cost-effective deals helps you fly at easily affordable prices.

International Airports in Dubai

Famous for world-class tourism, Dubai attracts vacationers from far and wide. So booking flights to Dubai tickets online is easy. Additionally, the UAE Wonder has airports based on sustainable development. Explore the fares of various airlines to book cheap tickets and save more.

Here are Dubai international airports that are global leaders in international traffic - 

  • The Dubai International Airport (DXB), Al Garhoud District

  • Dubai World Central Airport (DWC), Emirates Road

Domestic Airlines of Dubai


With Emirates, enjoy luxury trips worldwide. Delight in award-winning in-flight entertainment, delish meals, maximum comfort, and everything that exudes a great trip. 

Fly Dubai

A low-cost airline, Flydubai extends passenger services to and from Dubai, to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South Asia.

How to Find Cheap Flights to Dubai?

To book affordable flights to Dubai, follow the tips mentioned below - 

  • Have flexible travel dates.

  • Search flights on the New Incognito Mode.

  • Check airlines on social media platforms. 

  • Use flight search engines.

  • Go for flyer programs.

  • Check deals, discounts, and offers. 

  • Compare flight fares before purchasing.

  • Set price alert notifications

  • Enjoy flight rewards. 

  • Fly on Tuesday at midday, when prices are typically the cheapest.

Which Major Airlines Fly to Dubai?

Various international airlines serve Dubai. You can compare these airlines to find cheap flights to Dubai and cut down on your travel expenses.

Some of the airlines that connect Dubai often daily, with their direct and indirect flights are - 

  • American Airlines

  • United Airlines 

  • JetBlue 

  • Oman Air

  • Air France

  • Emirates

  • Delta Air Lines 

  • KLM

  • Etihad

  • Gulf Air

What Cities in the US Fly to Dubai?

Several USA cities are connected with Dubai through flight routes. So, before you book your flight tickets online, here are some of the cities from which you can fly to Dubai. 

  • New York/Newark 

  • San Francisco 

  • Houston 

  • Chicago

  • Los Angeles 

  • Washington, D.C. 

  • Dallas 

  • Denver

Flight Duration Between Different US cities and Dubai

Here is a quick look at time taken by flight from various cities of the USA to Dubai - 

What is the Flight Duration from New York to Dubai?

It takes 12 hours and 30 minutes (approx.) to fly from New York to Dubai.

How Much Time Does Flight from Los Angeles takes to Reach Dubai?

From Los Angeles, you can reach Dubai in 15 hours and 50 minutes (approx.).

What is the Average Flight Time Between San Francisco and Dubai?

On average, a flight takes 15 hours and 35 minutes (approx.) from San Francisco to Dubai. 

How Long is a Flight from Washington, D.C. to Dubai?

Between Washington, D.C. and Dubai, it takes nearly 13 hours and 10 minutes for a flight to reach its destination. 

How Many Hours is it from Chicago to Dubai?

You can reach Dubai from Chicago in 13 hours and 25 minutes (approx.). 

Please note

Flight duration might vary as per the route, airports, and flight types.

Is Dubai Visa Free for the USA?

Yes, you need not pay for your Visa in Dubai. When you reach the Dubai International Airport, proceed to immigration. Here, the staff stamps your passport with a 30-day visit visa for free. 

Best Things to Do in Dubai on a Budget

Are you flying to Dubai for the first time but have budget constraints? With us, you can book affordable flight tickets online for a pocket-friendly booking. Delight in the happening nightlife, futuristic charm, desert safari, exotic landscapes, and modern skyscrapers.

Here are some of the attractions in Dubai that you can enjoy on a budget.

The Dubai Fountain

Being the world’s largest choreographed fountain, the Dubai Fountain on Burj Khalifa Lake is illuminated by 6,600 lights. It shoots water up to 152 meters. Enjoy the light and sound show here for free.

Zabeel Park

An urban park that offers numerous walking paths, Zabeel Park is pretty affordable. Explore its various sections and pedestrian bridges. Live music performances, a skatepark, and a miniature cricket pitch are other attractions here. 

Dubai Museum

Built in 1787, the Dubai Museum is housed in Al-Fahidi Fort. Its entrance has old maps showing Dubai’s and Emirates’ geography. You will be amazed with its architecture. 

Dubai Creek

Spectacular views bowl you over, restaurants treat you with delish treats, and myriad attractions keep you indulged at Dubai Creek. This fun waterway offers an abra ride for maximum fun.

Grab the Best Deals in Dubai Now!

Therefore, you can plan a trip to Dubai without burning a hole in your pocket. As there are smart ways to book affordable flights to Dubai, you can explore this UAE gem cheaply and keep budget woes away.

As tourists increasingly visit Dubai every year, the aviation industry is experiencing more demand. So, you can grab low-fare flights to this UAE marvel and enjoy within your budget.

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