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The capital of the Netherlands- Amsterdam, is calling you to explore all the picturesque locations that captivate your wanderlust soul. The enchanting sights and range of attractions are just a simple example of what you are missing out on if you do not go there. With so many airlines offering direct flights to Amsterdam, you can plan a budget vacation to the beautiful cosmopolitan city of the Netherlands. Start your search right now and head towards the Venice of the North on a budget.

Which Month has the Cheapest Flights to Amsterdam?

The cheapest flights to Amsterdam depend on the season you are traveling in. After considering several resources, we discovered that January and February are the months with the cheapest flight tickets to this location.

However, the time you book flights and how far in advance you book them also affect the overall flight costs. Make sure to check these factors before requesting Cheap Flights to Amsterdam Ticket Booking.

What Season is The Best to Score the Best Flight Deals?

Anywhere between the low season and shoulder season is the best to score the low-cost flight offers. You can also check your desired flight fares on holidays because flying on holidays can cost you a fortune, but if you book a ticket, let's say on Christmas day, you may find a flash deal for your desired trip.

Airports in Amsterdam

There’s only one international airport in Amsterdam known as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It is the largest one serving the capital city at just 9 km from the city center. A lesser-known airport is Lelystad, at 50 km distance from the city and a relatively fewer flight options, for all flights to Amsterdam Ticket Booking is usually made for Schipol Airport as there is no other airport receiving any flights from international locations into Amsterdam.

Can I easily find budget transport near Amsterdam Airport?

Yes. Near the Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, you will find train stations, bus stops, and shared shuttle services which are comparatively cheaper in price. If you do not have much luggage, you can also try to rent a bike around the city and reach your destination while exercising your body.

Which US Cities Have Direct Flights to Amsterdam?

If you are flying to Amsterdam, Netherlands, from the USA, here is a list of cities that have some direct options. We have mentioned the main list with approximate fares:

  • New York City, USA: Approximately $300-$600 USD.

  • Los Angeles, USA: Approximately $400-$800 USD.

  • Chicago, USA: Approximately $400-$700 USD.

  • Atlanta, USA: Approximately $500-$800 USD.

  • San Francisco, USA: Approximately $400-$700 USD.

  • Boston, USA: Approximately $400-$700 USD.

  • Washington, D.C., USA: Approximately $400-$700 USD.

  • Seattle, USA: Approximately $500-$800 USD.

The prices you see here and the actual prices may vary depending on when you book the flights. You can explore flights to Amsterdam tickets online and book the best one you find for Amsterdam to maintain your budget needs.

Major Airlines Flying to Amsterdam

  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

  • Delta Air Lines

  • Lufthansa

  • British Airways

  • Air France

  • easyJet

  • Transavia

  • Ryanair

  • Norwegian Air Shuttle

  • Turkish Airlines

  • Emirates

  • Aer Lingus

  • Swiss International Air Lines

  • Vueling Airlines

  • SAS Scandinavian Airlines

  • TUI fly Netherlands

Do American Needs a Visa to Fly to Amsterdam?

If you have an American passport, you do not require a visa to visit any city in the Netherlands. You can visit the official site of the country's government to check whether you need a Schengen visa or not.

How Long Does it Take to Fly From the US to Amsterdam?

You can fly from the major US cities to Amsterdam and the time will depend on the city you are traveling from. Here are some of the examples with direct flights to Amsterdam:

Certainly, here's the information presented as requested:

From New York City

It takes approximately 7-8 hours to reach on a direct flight. The approximate distance is 3,650 miles.

From Los Angeles

A direct flight from LA will take 10-11 hours to reach, and the distance is 5,570 miles.

From Chicago

A direct flight from Chicago to AMS takes approximately 8-9 hours and covers an approximate distance of 4,100 miles.

From Atlanta

A direct flight from ATL takes approximately 9-10 hours to reach AMS, which is 4,460 miles away.

From San Francisco

A direct flight takes approximately 10-11 hours to reach Amsterdam from SFO. The approximate distance is 5,420 miles.

From Boston

A direct flight takes approximately 7-8 hours to reach, and the approximate distance is 3,680 miles.

You can find cheap flights & air tickets and check the detailed flight times while you are on the booking page to find the exact duration from your selected departure place.

Budget-Friendly Attractions in Amsterdam

If you do not wish to waste all the Euros on exploration, you need some affordable flights to Amsterdam and some fun things to do for cheap. Here is a list of attractions to see so you can save more for your future trips with your favorite airline.

Houseboat Museum

Woonbootmuseum, or Houseboat Museum, is an independent and innovative museum in the center of Amsterdam that showcases standard houseboats. It is open 10-5, and the number of days it opens varies according to the season. You can explore it for as little as 6 Euros and learn how fascinating it is to live in Dutch houseboats.

ARCAM Architecture Centre

It is a location that offers the perfect blend of architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture. This institute is open to the public, and you can enter here for just 4 Euros per person. Visit here to see the architectural history of Amsterdam in amazing books, 3D models, and maps.

Cycle Tunnel

A tunnel beneath the central station Amsterdam, Cuyperspassage is a major attraction if you like to explore everything on foot.  This passageway does not date back to a longstanding history and was built in the year 2015. It is decorated with murals and other small art by local Dutch artists and is totally free to explore.

Bloemenmarkt (The Flower Market)

If you are just wandering around the flower market in Amsterdam, you can enter free of charge. The stalls are usually open between 9 AM and 5 PM, some of them close on Sun. You can take a stroll or find something to purchase in your budget at the Bloemenmarkt and have an affordable tour of the metropolitan capital.


You can also explore Vondelpark for a serene retreat in the heart of the city. With a cozy terrace, blooming rose garden, and lively open-air theater, it's a budget-friendly haven for relaxation and fun. You can take a walk around the park edges or see various attractions nestled in the area for a perfect time.

Find Cheap Flights to Amsterdam and explore these attractions where you can have fun without shedding extra dollars from your pockets.

Grab Your Budget Flights to Amsterdam Today!

If you like what you read, you will definitely love the charm of Amsterdam once you are there. With Lowfarescanners offering you cheaper flight deals and various options to fly on a budget, your flights to Amsterdam are never out of the question. So, compare airfare prices and grab your favorite deal today for a perfect holiday.

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