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United Airlines Flight Change Policy, Process & Fees


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Did you book flights with United Airlines, and your plans have changed? If you are wondering about what to do next, you’re in luck. United Airlines allows you to make changes to your booking information, flight date, time, and schedule as per your fare terms & conditions. If you clearly read and understand the exact policy as well as terms, you can easily make the desired changes.

Find more information about United Airlines flight change policy below, and by the end of the article, you will understand:

  • United Airlines fare rules for flight changes
  • The process to change your flights
  • The fee that applies to such changes.

Let’s move on to find out about changing United Airlines flight ticket schedules as well as other information!

United Airlines Flight Change Policy

Whenever you wish to request a change of flight on United Airlines, you must adhere to the airline’s detailed policy. Here are the rules that determine whether your fare type is changeable or not and if there will be any charges to do so:

  • United Airlines Basic Economy tickets are non-changeable after 24 hours of booking.
  • You can only change flights operated by United Airlines or United Express.
  • The new flight should have the same departure and destination information.
  • United Airlines allows free changes on flights booked in Economy, Economy Plus, Premium Cabin for particular destinations. These include-
    • Flights in the United States, Virgin Islands USA, and Puerto Rico
    • Flights between the United States and Mexico
    • Flights between the United States and the Caribbean
  • There is no fee to fly internationally from the USA when booked in Economy, Economy Plus, and Premium Cabin.
  • Flight change fee won’t apply as long as there is at least one day in departure.
  • The airline charges a fee for same-day change requests.
  • All international flights with origin outside the United States will incur a change flight fee.
  • A fare difference always applies whenever the new ticket costs higher than your previous booking fare.
  • Online changes are available free of charge but phone call changes require a small processing fee.
  • You will get a refund of the fare difference when the new ticket costs less than the previous fare.
  • The airline allows free changes to award flights.

How To Change a United Airlines Flight Online?

You can visit the United Airlines official website or open their mobile app to request changes to your flight schedule online. The process is simple and you can do it all by yourself.

United Airlines Online Flight Change Steps

  • Go to the official United airlines website.
  • Find the My trips section.
  • Locate your trip using
    • confirmation/booking reference
    • Last name
  • Sign in if you are already registered.
  • Choose the itinerary you want to change.
  • Click to Edit your flight.
  • Follow the instructions to choose a new flight.
  • Check the alternate schedule, timings, and fare.
  • Finalize everything and proceed to checkout.
  • Make payments if necessary.
  • Complete and confirm.

These similar steps are also available on United Airlines' official mobile application. With these steps, you can request modifications from the airline and receive a confirmation once everything is processed.

Can I Call United Airlines Phone Number To Change Flights?

Yes, you can contact United Airlines on their official contact number and speak with their customer service executives for assistance in flight changes. They will help you choose an alternative flight to your current booking as per your new schedule. Here are the details:

  • Find and dial United Airlines contact number.
  • Follow the voice menu to connect with an agent.
  • Share your concern about requesting flight changes,
  • Answer his questions properly and share your ticket information.
  • Get alternate flight options and choose one.
  • Check for fees and fare differences.
  • Make the necessary payments and complete the process.

This is the best way to get things done offline. You can even decide to do it at the airport if you already arrived there before departure. But remember that a same-day change fee applies in such a case.

Do I Need To Pay For United Airlines Flight Changes?

Usually, there are no charges to change flights with United Airlines as defined in their policy. Still, you can check with the airline through their website or other channels before requesting a flight change. On average, the fees can vary somewhere between $0 to $399 depending on the time of request and fare type you have.

Change Your United Airlines Flights At Ease

With the above information, you can easily change your flights booked with United Airlines. The airline charges a small fee, depending on your booking type, to proceed. Understand the details beore you proceed to make the most out of your previous booking fare. For further information, you can consult with lowfarescanners. Our team will assist you with the flight change details as well as the entire process.

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