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Are you willing to soar the skies, but your budget does not allow you to fly on your terms? With Lufthansa Airlines, you can fly to any destination without worrying about the budget. The German Airline is the largest in Europe and the flag carrier of Germany. You can choose to travel to more than 200 destinations across the globe with Lufthansa Airlines ticketsin your budget. If you are ready to fly, book your tickets today and enjoy an exceptional vacation with the carrier.

Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Allowance

With Lufthansa Airlines Flight Tickets, you can bring both carry-on and checked baggage, and the number of bags you can bring depends on your travel cabin. Check out the airline’s allowance below and plan your tickets accordingly.

Carry-on Bags

One carry on and one personal item is allowed per Lufthansa passenger regardless of their cabin type. Business and First class customers can bring an additional carry-on free of cost. Remember to keep the carry-on dimensions limited to 55*40*23 cm.

Checked Bags

Lufthansa Airlines' checked baggage allowance totally depends on your cabin class, but each bag should be no more than 158 cm in size (Width + Height + Depth). If you're traveling in Economy class, you are allowed to bring only one bag of either 23 or 32 kg.

However, if you're traveling in Premium Economy or Business class, you can bring two bags, each weighing the same as in Economy class. Customers traveling in First class can bring up to three bags, each weighing a maximum of 32 kg.

Lufthansa Airlines Cabin Options

You get the Best Flight Deals with Lufthansa Airlines to travel in each fare cabin, It offers you four distinct types of options catering to different comfort levels and budget needs. You can choose any cabin and enjoy exceptional services with the airline.

Note: Lufthansa fare options in the Europe & rest of the world differ by their services and names.

Economy Class

The Lufthansa Airlines Economy cabin: You can stay comfortable and access the best entertainment on these spacious economy seats, which are within your budget and offer food or beverages on demand. In short, it is a restricted fare with some comfortable amenities along.

Premium Economy Class

You can be a bit flexible in this cabin option, as it helps you enjoy amazing benefits like baggage allowance and the ability to choose seats for a fee. Lufthansa also adds more legroom than the standard economy fare in this cabin.

Business Class

You can get first-rate comfort by making your Lufthansa Airlines Flight Tickets Booking in business-class cabins and a way to relax more with personalized seating areas. You can enjoy extra amenities and access to lounges available at select airports to wait in relaxation.

First Class

With First Class seat bookings on Lufthansa Airlines, you can feel like the center of attention. The carrier makes your arrival at the airport pleasant with its valet parking service and a personal assistant to enhance your experience.

Lufthansa Airlines Europe Fares

The Europe Fares of Lufthansa Group Airlines help you choose a fare that is more tailored to your needs and priorities. Here are the details:

Economy Light

It is the best choice if you only have carry-on luggage to bring with you. These tickets are restricted for rebooking or refunds, but you can add additional baggage for a fee.

Economy Classic

If you do not wish to leave out the basic services offered by Lufthansa Airlines, you can book your tickets in this cabin. You can even rebook it if required but for a fee.

Economy Flex

Flex means more flexibility in the services. This Lufthansa Airlines ticket fare offers you that and even an option to refund or rebook your tickets for a small fee.

Business Class

This fare comes with several variants where Lufthansa Airlines caters to your flexibility needs and offers you more options to fly comfortably.

Lufthansa Airlines Check-in

The check-in option of Lufthansa Airlines permits you to check-in for your flights and confirm your travel arrangements once again with the airline. You can even obtain a boarding pass. Here are the details:

Web Check-in

With some exceptions, you can check-in for your Lufthansa Airlines flight online on their official website between 23 and 1 hour before the flight’s departure time.

Mobile Check-in

Lufthansa Airlines allows you to check in within the same timeframe as the web check-in option using its official mobile app, which is available on the App Store or Play Store.

Self-Service Check-in

Some airports have self-service kiosks where you can check in up to one hour before your flight’s scheduled departure time on your Lufthansa Airlines itinerary.

Airport Check-in

You can even visit the airport and find a customer service helpdesk to check in manually with the help of an airline agent. For Lufthansa Airlines International Flights, arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight’s departure time.

Lufthansa Airlines Services Onboard

You can enjoy exceptional services and benefits on a Lufthansa plane. The airline helps you enjoy exclusive entertainment, food, etc. Find out more details below:

Food & Drinks

Amazing food and beverage options are available onboard on any Lufthansa Airlines route around the world. Depending on your cabin class booking, you can select your pick, pay for it, or get a complimentary option.


Lufthansa also has plenty of entertainment options for you. You can enjoy the latest blockbuster hits, classic historical films, or exclusive games on a reasonable seatback screen on the plane.


Lufthansa Airlines Broadband Internet FlyNet offers you proper connectivity onboard while you can stay in touch with your friends, family, or colleagues.

Duty-Free Shopping

Lufthansa also offers a wide range of duty-free shopping, no matter whether you are at the airport, above the clouds, or at home. 

Lufthansa Airlines Services at The Airport

From your arrival at the airport to the handling of your baggage, Lufthansa Airlines offers you an incredible experience. Here are the details:

Fast Security Lanes

You can grab Lufthansa Airlines Cheap tickets Online and get access to these fast security lanes for quick security screening at the airport

Time Slot

Book a time slot for security control ahead of time for an airport that offers this service.

Priority Boarding

Board prior to others with booking Lufthansa Airlines business or first-class seats.

Lufthansa Transfer

Get a transfer service at Frankfurt Airport and the latest connecting flight information for stopovers.

Lufthansa Guide

Get assistance while traveling from Frankfurt to Munich if transferring flights to the airport.

Arrival Services

Enjoy the Lufthansa lounge, valet parking service, and amazing facilities with affordable flight tickets from the airline.

Top Lufthansa Airlines Destinations


  • Berlin

  • Bremen

  • Cologne-Bonn 

  • Dresden 

  • Düsseldorf

  • Frankfurt

  • Friedrichshafen

  • Hamburg

  • Hanover

  • Heringsdorf

  • Leipzig

  • Munich

  • Münster / Osnabrück

  • Nuremberg

  • Paderborn

  • Westerland / Sylt (GWT)


  • United States

  • United Kingdom

  • Portugal

  • Ireland

  • Canada

  • United Arab Emirates

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