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Do you dread the pocket holes whenever you think of booking air travel? Well, not anymore. Aeromexico Airlines (AM), Mexico’s largest airline, offers you flights at special deals that not only fulfill your travel needs but also save you money. With a comprehensive network of 80 different destinations, the airline covers 4 continents with numerous flights a day. If you do not wish to put a burden on your pockets, book flights with this airline and make a foolproof plan right away!

Aeromexico Baggage Allowance

You can carry and check bags with your Aeromexico flight booking. The overall allowance depends on several factors like travel class, fare type, etc. Let’s look into the details:

Carry-on Baggage

You can easily bring bags and personal items into the Aeromexico cabin as carry-on luggage. The airline allows you to bring one personal item and a carry-on bag in each fare, except for Class Premier, which allows two carry-on bags instead of one. The maximum carry-on bag dimensions are 55 x 40 x 25 cm.

Checked Luggage

Your Aeromexico Basic booking won’t include any free checked baggage, but you can purchase up to 25 kg allowance for any fare below Class Premier. If you are booking class premier, it either includes 2 bags with a max weight of 32 kg each, plus you can buy an additional 25 kg if you want.

Baggage Bonus Mexico

If you are traveling within Mexico, feel free to pack an extra 5 kg in your carry-on luggage. Besides, Aeromexico also gives a 25% additional discount on adding a first or second checked bag to the itinerary.

Aeromexico Fare Types & Branded Fares

You can find three different fare options under Aeromexioc Fare families and branded fares. There is a Main Cabin, a Clase Premier, and a Flexibility option for unrestricted bookings. Read more about their details:

Main Cabin

This is a general Aeromexico fare cabin offering you distinct options as per your flying needs and budget to enjoy your vacations with the best entertainment and comfort.

  • Basic

It is Aeromexico's lowest-priced fare, with basic amenities and some restrictions. If you want budget flights, the basic fare is your perfect choice.

  • Classic

You can upgrade the services offered in this fare option. Aeromexico Classic is a premium choice with a bit of free space to enjoy more options & services onboard.

  • AM Plus

It is the highest one among the Main Cabin fares and shares SkyPriority benefits with extra legroom seats to help you relax. With a bit more payment, you can make this yours.

Clase Premier

If you like to feel more relaxed and have comfort throughout your travel with Aeromexico, Clase Premier offers you a distinguishable experience. You can enjoy multiple levels of comfort based on your budget setting and fly off in style.

  • Premier Light

This fare offers priority services and exclusive amenities, making your journey comfortable. The seats are in a 3-person setting and offer you a commendable experience.

  • Premier

This fare is the perfect option for you if you want more reclining seats and the ultimate travel experience. You can enjoy a level of comfort and special treatment like in no other cabin class.

  • Premier One

If you want a complete recline, this is the only option that serves the purpose best. This fare offers free Wi-Fi exclusive services, and several additional benefits.


If you wish to be more flexible, pay a bit more. This Aeromexico flexibility fare makes your flights more affordable while offering unlimited change facilities. You can also cancel tickets and get an e-voucher or full refund to your original payment form.

Aeromexico Airlines Onboard Experience

When you book your flight tickets with Aeromexico, you witness a range of excellent services on the plane· These are some of the advantages that you enjoy once onboard an Aeromexico flight:

In-Flight Entertainment

Unwind and pass the time with Aeromexico's selection of on-demand movies, music, and TV series, all available free of charge· The seats have seatback screens that can help you stream anything you like or catch up on your latest TV Show·

Various Seating Options

Aeromexico ensures you a comfortable spot for your journey with a variety of seating options, like extra legroom or standard seating· Some fare types offer better seating with more space to relax, whereas others' seats fully recline· In short, each Aeromexico fare offers you an exciting seat according to your budget needs and comfort·


The airline lets you elevate your experience in the Dreamliner with Premier One, featuring full-flat seats, exclusive menus, complimentary Wi-Fi, and priority service· This luxurious option is for you if you seek the utmost in comfort and convenience during your journey·

Onboard Wi-Fi

Through Aeromexico's onboard WiFi service, you can stay connected with the world beneath while high above in the clouds· You can use it on several aircraft and send messages for free·

Food & Drinks

Aeromexico offers a variety of food and beverage options onboard, with complimentary selections available depending on your cabin class booking· Their meal menus are created by world-famous chefs, complemented by a full bar and plenty of snacks·

Special Assistance

Aeromexico provides personalized assistance to its passengers· Suppose you need special medical accommodations or want to send unaccompanied minors; the airline does it all for you· You can just make a request during or after your booking and enjoy superb amenities·

Aeromexico Airlines Airport Services

Although you are traveling by air, the actual fun begins right from the moment you reach the airport· Depending on the fare class you book with the airline, you enjoy exceptional airport benefits with your Aeromexico tickets· Here are the details:

VIP Lounges

You will find VIP lounges, and some fares will get you free entry to those· But remember, these lounges are only available at select airports. You can check when you book online flight tickets whether your booking includes free access to lounges or not.

Duty-Free Shopping

You can try duty-free shopping at select airports, which offer a variety of products, including luxury goods, electronics, and souvenirs·


It is a premium service available only to Elite and Elite Plus members of Aeromexico's frequent flyer program or if you are booked in premium cabins· It includes expedited check-in, security screening, and boarding processes, ensuring a seamless travel experience·

Priority Boarding

This service allows you to board the aircraft before general boarding as per eligibility· Priority boarding option gives you ample time to settle into seats and stow your belongings·

Early Check-in

Aeromexico may offer early check-in options through its website, mobile app, or airport kiosks· These options allow you to check in for flights ahead of time and secure your preferred seats·

Fast Track Security Check

There are fast-track security lanes available for passengers traveling in premium cabins or holding certain elite status levels, which helps make every process quick.

Aeromexico Check-in

You can check in for your Aeromexico bookings and obtain a boarding pass in ample ways. The airline lets you do it both ways- from the comfort of your home and at the airport. Here are the details:

Online Check-in

There are two ways to check-in for your Aeromexico flights online- using their website and the mobile app. The option opens 24 hours before departure and closes 1 to 2 hours before. Make sure to check-in on time to board without a hassle.

Airport Check-in

You can also check-in at the airport in two different ways: with the help of an airline representative or using a self-service check-in kiosk. The former is available at all airports, whereas the latter is available at some select airports only.

Top Aeromexico Destinations


  • Mexico City
  • Cancún
  • Guadalajara
  • Monterrey
  • Tijuana


  • Los Angeles, USA
  • New York City, USA
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Paris, France
  • Tokyo, Japan

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